Love God- I Commit to participating in a weekly worship service that is so helpful and engaging it makes me want to read the bible and come back with a friend

Love Others- I Commit to have encouraging friendships and caring for those friends in a weekly life group

Love Family- I Commit to having so much excitement with Christianity’s teaching I use it to improve my family life and to a time of weekly family worship

Serve Others- I Commit to joining the mission of the Church by serving with excellence in and training for one ministry a year and to training others in that ministry

Win Others- I Commit to reaching families far from God by inviting family and friends to worship and to serving and sharing the gospel in one outreach a year that is so helpful and enjoyable new families visit our Church

Grow Deeper- I Commit to enjoying God so much I study the bible, pray and resist temptation daily. And to trusting God so much I financially contribute to the mission of the Church